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More than just online ordering – OliveNOW provides all the tools your business needs to thrive

Not only will you save less on your online orders, you get drivers on demand, Facebook ads, print marketing, and access to our hand-picked network of Ottawa’s best social media influencer.

OliveNOW is your online ordering platform, web & marketing service, POS software & hardware provider all in one!

About OliveNow

Innovative Food Ordering & Deliver Service

Help customers to find the best dishes in their nearby location

We categorize dishes and you choose a favorite dish among many others made by a list of restaurants

If you have already known your dish, the category is the best way to get access to the best rated dishes in the neighbourhood

You will save time by being able to look right at a list of all similar dishes and picking the best tasted one.

More time will be saved as we provide you with star rating & comments of each particular dish, submitted by customers who already tasted it. You do not need to worry if the dish does not taste good.

OliveNow skipping the long menu off all courses

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