Vibrant Intuitive Interface and Extremely Easy to Use

The interface is simple, friendly and extremely easy to use, helping to make sales operations quickly.
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Our software allows you to customize the display design to meet “special” needs. Download the software now to experience.
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Our cash register systems are designed for different business models according to the needs of each customer.

About The Software

How It Work

We have detailed instructions on how to use the software’s features once you complete the registration to use the software. Contact us to register now !

Having the opportunity to work with many large and small restaurants, Jadoo understands the common thoughts and aspirations of the owners as well as the staff working in the restaurant. From there, we – the experienced professionals – have dedicated ourselves to create the two big products: a POS management software system and a CRM management software – Restaurant Plus.

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The reasons you love OlivePOS:

Great Solutions


Compatible with any hardware

Advanced cloud computing technology



Automate processes

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We appreciate each customer and we are proud that 60% of clients come back to work with us again.

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Online Order System

Simple – Fast – Highly Effective

Step 1

Customers order food at your website or your app

Step 2

Orders will be immediately notified to the system

Step 3

Prepare goods & deliver to your customers

Step 4

Manage all the orders and customize as you like

“Online business during the epidemic season without losing transit fees”

Plan & Package

Our Pricing Plans

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince.

35% Offer Exclusively for Comprehensive Solution Package

For your effective outreach, you can schedule a meeting with our experts for completely free of charge.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. Why should I use POS Software?

Using a POS is tremendously time-saving and efficient compared with the alternative of using separate software to manage each area. It can also improve the customer experience with efficient sales programming, reduce waste with automated inventory reconciliation and expiration and ordering alerts, and prevent theft.

4. Do you provide any type of training?

Yes, we provide various training sessions. You will have online training sessions before you launch your Acid POS solution. We also provide paid on location training which we are happy to provide depending on the size of the business and timeline.

2. How much does POS Software cost?

The cost of a POS depends on the complexity, quantity and number of users of the software and hardware, if required. An individual software license is $1200 to $2500, while a POS terminal can range from $3000 to $4000 each. Additional frees include, a scanner, cash drawer, printer and an extended warranty.

5. Can I transfer my data on a current POS to a new POS software system?

If the current software can export customer and inventory details, it is possible to transfer the data into your new system, but each case would need to be evaluated individually.

3. What hardware do you provide for retailers?

We can provide you with a complete desktop POS system i.e. Cash register, Thermal printer, Customer Display Unit, Laser Scanner, Barcode Printer and Cash Box or parts.

6. Do you offer backups?

Yes, daily database backups are provided as part of licensing. It also depends on what you select as your server cloud options and additional optional maintenance plans, but all basic plans cover daily database backups.