Shafali Indian Restaurant

A Taste of Delicious Indian Food Delivery in Ottawa

Shagotom! Welcome to Shafali!

Shafali is a beautiful fragrant Himalayan flower. It is also the name of our family matriarch.

Shafali’s Indian food has been a vibrant part of downtown Ottawa’s restaurant scene since 1996. Our restaurants offer delightful and enjoyable Indian cuisine dishes in an exotic ambiance.

With 2 convenient locations, our Ottawa-based restaurants propose authentic Bengali style cuisine for dine-in, take-out and delivery (specific time and locations only). Our bazaar style restaurants are open concept and allow guests to see their Indian food being prepared all around them.

Shafali prides itself with fast, fresh, and healthy Indian food. Our Indian restaurants allow you to snub fast food and enjoy a real meal which will satisfy anyone’s palate. Do you crave adventure and originality? If so, this cuisine is for you. Shafali restaurants in Ottawa offer refined, savoury flavours, including both spicy and sweet dishes.

Ottawa Magazine has praised Shafali’s chicken tikka wrap as one of their “101 Tastes to try before you die”. Yet, this is only one of our famous dishes that will leave you craving more. Our menu offers a wide range of Indian dishes like the traditional Samosa (the best in downtown Ottawa!), Seekh Kabob, Butter Chicken and our wide variety of curry plates. For the more adventurous, come try our special recipes including our famous Rogan Josh (braised lamb cooked and spiced to perfection), our legendary Dhansak dish (lentils, spices, fenugreek leaf, ginger, and garlic combined with meat). For the brave ones, try our renowned Vindaloo (our hottest dish of meat with wine and garlic). We also offer a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes cooked to perfection, the Indian way of course! And you obviously cannot pass on the naan bread, baked the traditional way.

We also offer Canadian beer and a wide range of wine selections. Browse through our restaurant to find our best selection of Indian products, both dry and canned goods for customers interested in Indian cooking. And don’t forget to ask about our Cooking Classes!

So come enjoy some Indian food in Ottawa by visiting one of our restaurants, either for a romantic night out with the other half, a fun evening with friends or to pick up your ready-made healthy dish to enjoy at home!

We offer more than just Indian food delivery; get transported across the world!

The Owner

Gias (Salim) Uddin, the CEO and founder of the Ottawa-based Shafali Restaurants

As a young boy, Gias (Salim) Uddin, the CEO and founder of the Ottawa-based Shafali Restaurants, had a dream: one day, be his own boss, just like his dad and granddad.

In 1982, Salim moved from his home country, Bangladesh, and chose Montreal, Canada for his host city and country. For almost 15 years, Salim gathered experience in the restaurant industry, notably at the Westin Hotel where he established best practices in the food industry and earned the respect of colleagues and management. He also obtained his restaurant management degree while working there.

In 1992, Salim welcomed members of his family to Canada, among them his two brothers: Ashraf and Shahab Uddin. The two siblings undertook studies. During this time, the young man’s dream had not shaded. He strived to be his own boss and start his own business.

In 1996, Salim’s dream became a reality: he inaugurates the Shafali Restaurant on Dalhousie Street in Ottawa, while providing employment to his younger brothers.  The reputation of the restaurant flourished and very quickly won the hearts of Ottawa citizens. The three brothers, now co-owners of the restaurants, opened another Shafali restaurant in Ottawa in 1999 at the ByWard Market location. Shafali has become a well established institution in Ottawa.

Since their inauguration, the publicly acclaimed Indian restaurants have taken advantage of the Federal skilled workers program through which permanent residents are hired based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in its economy. Thanks to Shafali, many of these successful workers acquired strong skills and experience in the food industry, enough to have the ability to open their own restaurants.

Aside from taking part in preparing delectable Indian dishes, Salim’s other passion is undeniably contributing to a better world. Since 1984, Salim has been supporting Child Haven International. This organisation assists children in developing countries that are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. Learn more on Shafali’s involvement by visiting Charity.


Shafali is more than a restaurant in Ottawa that offers delicious, healthy Indian meals. Shafali is also a major supporter of Child Haven International, an organization that assists children in developing countries who are in need of food, education, health care, shelter and clothing, emotional and moral support. The organization operates nine homes for destitute children – six in India, one in Nepal, Tibet and Bangladesh. The organization also assists children and elderly people in Afghanistan and Bhutan.
When Salim, the founder and CEO of the Shafali Restaurants arrived in Canada in 1984, he had the opportunity to meet with the founder of Child Haven International. This is when his desire to make the world a better place really took flight.

Shafali also organises an annual event, the Glebe Soirée. Just last year, the successful event allowed raising approximately $10,000 for children in need. Many of the local Glebe businesses generously provided gift certificates for a silent auction – people participating in this activity where able to find great gifts or treat themselves. This activity allows the community to enjoy a beautiful evening while helping children around the world have a better quality of life.

Other fund raising activities include the “Restaurant Sales Giveaway” at the Dalhousie location. Two to three times a year, the owners invite friends and long-standing customers for a nice dinner. All proceeds and donations are given towards Child Haven International, an average of 4,000$ per activity.

Salim was also able to see firsthand how his involvement contributes to a better world by traveling to different countries where the organisation operates, namely in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Tibet. He was also fortunate to take part in the opening of a home in Bangladesh when he donated Shafali’s ancestral home to Child haven International. Salim worked effortlessly for a couple of years to renovate and rehabilitate the home. In 2002, it was ready to welcome kids in need. 70 kids currently live in that home and receive the nutrition, education, support and love they need and deserve. Salim is the guardian of the home that is supervised by an amazing team, supported by an extraordinary manager, Saiful Aziz.

“I am overwhelmed with joy as four of the kids who we have seen grow up in the Bangladesh home will, this year, graduate and move on to higher education. This is amazing when you think that just a few years ago, these kids were fading from the face of the earth”, said Salim. “The people working for Child haven International are extraordinary people who make a real difference. They give their lives for the sake of children, they work relentlessly, they never take a break or vacations, yet, they never complain that they are tired.”

Child Haven International helps more than 14,000 children around world.

“The more you give, the more you receive”. This is one life principle to which Salim adheres to. Since his involvement in 1984, Salim contributed to raising more than half a million dollars for kids living in developing countries. However, he insists that he receives so much more than he gives. He gets to meet inspired and inspiring people who, like himself, want to make a difference in the world. His reward: seeing kids grow, thrive, and have the same chance as more fortunate children to live a fruitful and plentiful life.

The Shafali Indian Restaurant in Ottawa is a great networking environment that allows Salim and his brothers to engage the community and raise awareness about children in need around the world. For example in 1998 and for the following 11 years, the Indian Restaurant in Ottawa held the annual Evening Fest, which allowed raising more than $80,000.